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"There is no desire so deep as the simple desire for companionship." - Graham Greene

Companion/ Sitter Services

The following are types of companion/ sitter tasks:

  • Transport/ escort services (including accompanying patients to doctors’ appointments)

  • Meal preparation/ Serving

  • Reading

  • Daily Check-ins

  • Exploring social media/ Basic web browsing

  • Socializing with clients while providing a watchful eye

  • Shopping

  • Basic pet care

  • Running errands

  • Household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety

    • Laundry

    • Changing linens

    • Trash disposal

    • Washing Dishes

    • DeclutteringOrganization of living space


Potential Clients

Thrive Healthcare, LLC provides services to elderly and people of all ages who are disabled, ill, or injured. The following are examples of potential companion clients:​

  • Family members who are caring for loved ones who are disabled, ill, or injured and need additional support (Respite Care)

  • Clients who need assistance with home management tasks that are essential to safety and cleanliness

  • Clients who require help with administrative tasks (Organizing mail/ bills, setting appointments, etc.)

  • Clients who need a companion to interact/ socialize with while providing watchful oversight and supervision

  • Clients who require transport/ escort services in order to make doctor’s appointments and/ or run errands

* Some clients require a combination of care services.

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